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Driving Without Auto Insurance in FL

Are you driving with auto insurance in FL and wondering what would happen if you get caught?

In case you do not know, lets make 1 thing absolutely clear. Driving your car without vehicle insurance in Florida, or anywhere in the USA for that matter, is strictly prohibited.

It is a crime and when, not if, you get caught you will  face charges. Police officers in Florida  are checking people's insurance all the time.

Your driving privilege can be suspended by The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for up to 3 years or until you provide a proof of Florida vehicle insurance.

This is only the beginning. If your driving license is taken away because you are not insured, you will have to pay a fine in order to reinstate your license.

The penalty could be anything between $150 to $500, with larger sum being paid if you have previous violations.

Having no auto insurance in Florida is not only  a crime, but it is very bad idea overall.

Even if you are not caught just yet, you still run the risk of causing an accident and without a car insurance you will quite probably have to pay a large sum of money to cover repairs and medical expensed.

It is a known fact that a lot of people  in Florida drive around  without having a valid car insurance. Especially true now given the state of our economy.

When it comes to auto insurance in Florida, there is not really a choice - you are obliged to have one. Get insured or stay off the road.