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Florida Car Insurance

Florida Auto insurance
For everyone who lives in Florida a car insurance is a must. It is required by law and if you drive without a car insurance you can get into serious trouble.

Some people who spend only a few months a year in Florida, because of the great weather of course, think that they don't need a car insurance from the Sunshine State. That is not the case. If you live in Florida for more than 90 days you are required to obtain a car insurance from an insurance company which has a license to do business in Florida.

How is car insurance in Florida different? Well it is. It is what you call a "No Fault" car insurance.

Meaning that you will have to pay for damages after an accident even if it is not your fault. Also, it will be very hard to sue the other driver. In many cases the same inusance company is used by both drivers so in a way the company wins.

The average car insurance premiums in Florida are above $1,7000 (2009).

It is worth mentioning that due to the bad economy a lot of people are not renewing their car insurance.

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